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Certification Programs

Doctor Teaching on Seminar

Course Objectives

The primary educational objective of any ILD Certification Programs is to provide candidates with the fundamental scientific, technical and clinical knowledge required to facilitate the safe and effective use of dental laser technology on the dental practice, through the development, publication and support of universally acknowledged safety protocols, standards and clinical guidelines.  In this regard the fundamental goal is to improve the knowledge, skills and ability of the attendee(s) for deliver the highest levels of patient care. This objective is supported by a comprehensive overview of wavelength specific absorption characteristics and corresponding biologic tissue interactions, device specific modes of operation and delivery systems, operational characteristics and clinical techniques for the safe and effective use of all available dental laser wavelengths.  Candidates who successfully complete all program requirements including Hands-on Clinical Simulation Evaluation and the Certification Test, will have demonstrated the fundamental knowledge required for the safe and effective implementation of dental laser technology into the dental practice.


ILD Standard Certification Program


The ILD Standard Certification Program provides candidates with a basic understanding of laser physics, fundamentals, tissue interaction in general and of individual wavelengths, safety, practical indications for use and an overview of clinical cases performed with multiple wavelength technologies, including but not limited to;

  • History, Introduction & Practical Considerations for Use

  • Fundamentals & Physics – All Wavelengths

    • History

    • Wavelengths

    • Technology Overview

    • Delivery Systems

    • Modes of Operation

    • Tissue Interaction

    • Safety & Regulatory Issues

  • Clinical Cases & Technique

  • Practice Implementation, Staff Training, Orientation

  • Patient Education and Case Selection

  • Practical Considerations & ROI

  • Hands-On Clinical Simulation Evaluation

    • Knowledge of the system, environment and clinical and operational technique

  • Standard Certification Test

  • Open forum Q&A Discussion


The ILD Standard Certification Programs are offered to all attendees at any two (2) day Certification Program, with no pre-requisite required.



ILD Advanced Certification Program


The ILD Advanced Certification Program is the next level of ILD Certification, offered to candidates who have successfully completed the ILD Standard Certification Program, including the Hands-on Clinical Simulation Evaluation and the Standard Certification Test, achieving a minimum score of 80%. As a prerequisite of enrolling in the ILD Advanced Certification Program have implemented and used a dental laser in their practice for a minimum of twelve (12) months.

Additional requirements of the ILD Advanced Proficiency Programs include;  

  1. Successful completion of the ILD Advanced Certification Clinical Simulation Evaluation, which will comprise demonstration of thorough knowledge of the laser’s clinical indication(s) for use, absorption and tissue interaction characteristics and the overall environment, safety, and operations characteristics of the laser

  2. Successful completion of the ILD Advanced Certification Test

  3. Completion, documentation and presentation of two (2) clinical cases using a laser in dentistry, including diagnosis, treatment and case follow up.  Examples of compliant cases will be provided to all candidates interested in ILD Advanced Proficiency Programs.  The presentation will comprise; diagnosis, treatment plan, laser use including parameters, delivery systems and technique and post treatment follow up.


The ILD Advanced Certification Programs are offered at select two (2) day Certification programs and annual Symposiums with prerequisites and pre-registration required.

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