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Why ILD?

Evidence based, practical, current & intuitive educational programs


In the fast paced environment of technology, the continuous education required by dentists and their staff can be  overwhelming and intimidating. But is doesn't have to be that way.  We offer multiple levels of intuitive education ranging from evenings and lunch & learns to two day hands-on Certification programs and Symposiums.

All of our educational programs are structured to give you a measurable return on your time.  They are scientific, evidence based and offer practical insights into all aspects of currently available technologies including technical, clinical and practical overviews helping you sort the truth from the hype.  

Vendor Independent

Here’s your opportunity to ‘sort the truth from the hype’.  No fancy ‘buzz’ words, no confusing sales terminology, no patent or trademark marketing, simply a clear concise overview of the use of laser technology in the dental practice; ALL WAVELENGTHS, ALL PROCEDURES.  ILD educational programs are scientific based and free of commercial influences and the majority of Instructors use multiple laser systems in daily practice.

Certification Programs

 ILD Standard and Advanced Certification programs provide a foundations for dental professionals looking to become clinically and operationally proficient at the use of dental laser technology.  First and foremost, these structured programs are designed to teach you the science and fundamentals of all wavelengths and technologies.  Understanding the basics will give attendees the foundation required to make an informed decision regarding what device may work for them and help owners elevate the value they get from the laser they currently own. Certification also enables you to differentiate yourself, build loyalty and confidence in your team and attract new patients.

Just the Facts!

When all else fails, consider the facts!  All of the information provided through any Institute for Laser Dentistry educational program is based on evidence based research and scientific data vs. trademarked and patented marketing terminology.  The science explaining the electromagnetic spectrum and Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation is clear and pertains to all lasers used in dentistry today.  ILD seminars review the basic fundamentals and science in an attempt to reduce the complexity, making the subject matter intuitive and easy to understand.

The World's Most Experienced Educators

Pioneers in the implementation of this technology in dentistry; general dentists, specialists and hygienists share their experience with multiple wavelength technologies.  From Academy of Laser Dentistry Certified Educators to Clinical Investigators for specific wavelengths and procedures, ILD programs are renowned globally for the knowledge, experience, credibility and integrity of the Faculty.

All Wavelengths & Procedures

The ONLY Symposiums available to dentistry which reviews the clinical, scientific and practical considerations associated with ALL DENTAL LASER WAVELENGTHS.  This non-biased review of all technologies and procedures makes it easier to decide which technology is best for you. ILD also offers wavelength specific courses in an effort to differentiate, clinical, operational and practical differences between technologies.

Overview, Introductory & Advanced Programs

Multiple venues to meet your busy schedule and educational requirement.  If lasers are new to you, an Overview or Introductory program is the best way to learn about what lasers can do.  Advanced programs take your expertise to a higher level comprising more complex procedures, multiple laser surgeries, or to teach techniques for less anesthetic, enhanced healing etc.  Some programs are specific to unique wavelengths and address the operational and clinical considerations associated with specific wavelengths.

Future Developments & Innovations - What's NEXT?

Stay at the forefront of laser dental innovations with the latest advances in technology and procedures.  Faster, more effective and minimally invasive platforms, newly approved procedures, and advanced clinical knowledge in areas such as periodontics, implantology, endodontics and laser treatment for airway disorders expand your knowledge and practice growth opportunities. 

Relaxed and Informal - Structured Yet Fun!

The atmosphere is an important element of your learning experience.  Class size is limited in an effort to maintain adequate hands-on time per system as well as the appropriate time for attendees to spend one-on-one with the Educators.  Learn from your peers - experienced laser users are always in attendance to share their personal experiences in the breaks and at lunch.  The programs are interactive and consider the practical implementation of lasers in your individual practice.

A Practical Hands-On Experience

Hands-on Clinical Simulation encompasses the safe and effective use of multiple devices considering the unique characteristics of the individual wavelengths and operating parameters.  Basic and advanced procedures are illustrated and attendees are able to familiarize themselves with operational and safety considerations. Clinical Educators supervise individual table clinics working with pig mandibles, extracted teeth and bone samples to best simulate the human experience.  Clinical hands-on is complemented with real time video of procedures with live patients, presenting the most realistic of expectations.

Best in Class Venues

From Atlantis in the Bahamas to the Balboa Bay Yacht Club in Newport Beach, CA, and from Argentina to Las Vegas, Boston, Atlanta, Toronto &  Orlando to name a few the Institute For Laser Dentistry travels to your location.  ILD Symposiums are hosted at various major centers across North and South America and each year venues include 5 star resorts,

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