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Master Laser Dentistry

Master Laser Dentistry
Dariush Radman DDS, FICOI, DABLS
Participation Program - 14 CE
$1,495 Dentist   $295 RDH/DA/Staff

Toronto, ON - November 15 & 16, 2024
8:30 am - 4:30 pm Daily



Course Description

Learn how to significantly enhance your patient care and profitably grow your practice with laser assisted surgical techniques.  From minimally invasive frenectomies to periimplantitis treatments, this comprehensive yet intuitive program will teach you the fundamental and advanced skills required to perform multiple minimally invasive treatments on your existing patients and the new ones you attract to your practice.   

Beyond the benefits of learning cutting edge skills with state of the art laser technology, this informative seminar will provide a deep understanding of the justification for investing in dental laser technology. By integrating multiple new laser assisted procedures into your practice, you can unlock the potential of a significant return on investment by referring fewer patients out of your practice. Furthermore, the minimally invasive nature of laser treatments enhances patient care by reducing the number of visits, minimizing post-operative discomfort, and promoting faster healing times. This course will equip you with the knowledge to not only perform these procedures but also to understand their impact on your practice's profitability, patient satisfaction, and overall growth

The first of three modules, Module 1 will comprise a comprehensive overview of the following;


Module 1 Course Objectives:  This introductory module is designed to seamlessly blend intermittent lecturing with hands-on training over two days, ensuring a dynamic and deeply integrated learning experience. By the end of this module, participants will have a solid foundation in laser technology and be prepared to integrate basic laser treatments into their dental practice. 

What You Will Learn:


  • Fundamentals of Laser Tissue Interaction & the Importance of WAVELENGTH

  • How lasers can save time, reduce stress & make difficult cases easier, such as

    • Implant site preparation​

    • second stage recovery

    • labial & lingual frenectomies

    • gingivectomy/gingivoplasty

    • excisional biopsy/fibroma

    • soft tissue crown lengthening for aesthetic & restorative

    • vestibuloplasty

    • extraction site disinfection for immediate implants

    • excision and drainage of abscess


Plus....Practical Considerations for Implementation

  • Educating & Motivating Staff and Educating Your Patients

  • Marketing the VALUE & Benefits of Dental Laser Technology

  • Return On Investment & Total Cost of Ownership

And....The Latest technical Innovations in Laser Dentistry

The hands-on segment of the program will give participants an opportunity to experience the functionality of lasers performing surgical procedures on in-vitro models. Live demonstration and video guiding the clinical simulation will incorporate the relevance of settings and technique for optimized clinical outcomes.  This interactive experience will also facilitate an open dialogue between participants and one on one with the instructor, comprising clinical & practical considerations for the successful implementation of dental laser technology. Attendees will have the opportunity to perform various clinical procedures.

  1. Different Techniques; for incision/excision, coagulation, disinfection & healing

  2. Techniques for implant laser procedures including immediate placement, uncovering, and incisions

  3. Operative Dentistry Including; tissue troughing, fibroma/biopsy, gingivectomy, frenectomy, vestibuloplasty, aphthous ulcers, periodontal therapy, surgical flap procedures, de-epithelialization & more!

  4. Laser safety considerations, settings, care, sterilization protocols & system maintenance

Course Objectives

AT the conclusion of the course the participant will;

  • Be familiar with the wavelengths used in dentistry today and their corresponding tissue interaction, capabilities and limitations, and   

  • Become familiar with the importance of wavelength selection and learn which dental laser technologies can be incorporated as adjunctive modalities to simplify implant surgical procedures and minimize post operative complications, and

  • Understand the specific technologies, techniques and benefits of  incorporating lasers in the treatment of periimplantitis and perimucositis, and

  • Understand which wavelengths of laser can be used adjunctively for periodontal therapy & surgery and minimally invasive snoring treatments, and

  • Understand the total cost of ownership of dental laser technology and return on investment considerations, and

  • Be able to incorporate this knowledge into a basis for determining which laser wavelength is most appropriate for their practice. 

About Dr. Radman

Dr. Dariush Radman is a distinguished Dentist with a wealth of expertise in implantology, laser dentistry, and advanced dental techniques. Graduating with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from Mashhad School of Dentistry in Iran, in 1992, Dr. Radman embarked on a journey marked by continuous learning and professional excellence.

Driven by a passion for innovation and excellence, Dr.Radman pursued dual American and Canadian national board certifications, solidifying his status as a leader in the field. His commitment to advancing his skills led him to undertake specialized training at the esteemed Misch International Implant Institute, where he mastered the art and science of implant placement.

Drawing inspiration from renowned experts such as Carl E. Misch and John B. Suzuki, Dr. Radman honed his expertise in implantology and peri implantitis treatment, distinguishing himself as a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). Additionally, his proficiency in laser dentistry was refined through specialized training under the guidance of Dr. Robert Convissar, culminating in his recognition as a Diplomate by the American Board of Laser Surgery.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Radman has successfully placed and loaded thousands of implants from various leading brands. His dedication to excellence is evidenced by the hundreds of documented laser-assisted procedures he has conducted across all disciplines of dentistry particularly in implantology.

Today, Dr. Radman leverages his wealth of knowledge and expertise as the founder of a thriving private practice in North York, ON, where he concentrates on laser-assisted surgeries and implantology and is committed to delivering superior patient care and staying at the forefront of dental innovation.

Limited Attendance - Register ASAP

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Payment & Cancellation Policy

Registration fee must be paid in full prior to attending the course. Full refund for cancellation 14 days or more prior to course start date .No refund for cancellation less than 14 calendar days prior to the start date of the course

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